ch oct 09Colleen Hennessy is a Denver native who has lived in California, New Mexico, and Honduras.  She has spent many years photographing and traveling in the US and Latin America.  Her commercial work has included wedding and portrait photography.Colleen’s images of street scenes, people and architecture are photojournalistic.  She spent many years making archival silver and Cibachrome prints, as well as hand-colored photographs.  Human beings are her favorite subject and she believes that all art manifests some aspect of the autobiographical.  Colleen believes that all art is history, a diary of one’s personal growth and psychic resolution.  Colleen is energized by travel, personal freedom, new friends, and new attention to her work.

“I have just passed the half century mark.

The important thing is not how old you are, for that is transient, but how interesting you are.”

Presently, Colleen resides in Colorado.  She can be contacted at: cohennes@yahoo.com


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