Art Notes

Human beings are my favorite subject.

All art manifests some aspect of the autobiographical.

Some people’s work is particularly revealing of personal tragedies.

Art is the source of psychic salvation.

The canvas is a world where you can do as you like.

All art is history.

Art is a diary of one’s personal growth and psychic resolution.

I have a dissatisfaction with the statue quo and a rebellious nature, so fundamental to my persona that it seems programmed into my DNA.

I am committed to a life that does not encompass mainstream mores.

I am gaining an emotional equilibrium, growing in confidence and resolve.

I love theme and variation, with a taste for abstract patterning and the repeated use of bold colors.

I am energized by new personal freedom, new friends, new attention to my work.

My work has a loose casualness, a lack of tension and constraint.

I am a woman who has not let economic deprivation, or lack of high-profile professional recognition diminish my commitment to my art.


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